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A safety story

It All Starts With Safety

Squeals of delight, sighs of contentment, giggles of joy … those are some of the reactions we hope for from families using our babygear and toys. There’s a less visible one, too: peace of mind.

“Parents have trusted us for more than 80 years to provide safe products for their children, but we know we must still earn their trust every day,” says Kitty Pilarz, Vice President of Product Safety & Regulatory Compliance at Fisher-Price. “So, right from the start of a design concept, we work to make sure our products are as safe as they can be.”

To standards and beyond

There’s an entire team of quality engineers who work closely with design groups to make sure every product not only meets U.S. safety regulations and international standards, but lives up to the traditionally high Fisher-Price standards of quality, as well as consumer expectations. A significant amount of testing is done all along the way.

Safe for generations

“We know that kids drop things, throw toys, mouth them, and more. Our products are going to be pulled, twisted, jostled, washed, dried, sometimes even stood on,” says Kitty. “Families hand down toys and gear or share them with friends, so they’ll be used by more than one child. That’s why we do such rigorous testing.”

Listening to consumers

“We welcome feedback from consumers—it’s critical to helping us make better products,” says Gary Cocchiarella, Director of Consumer Services. “Families don’t hesitate to share their opinions, so we collect, analyze and share their comments with our teams. That way, we can detect and solve problems quickly, as well as improve our design and manufacturing processes.”

To test specific product functions, technicians might invent mechanical equipment to activate switches, levers, and buttons thousands of times.

enjoys the soothing comfort of a swing, or gives a favorite toy punishment much more severe than a time-out, you can relax. Because Fisher-Price toys and gear are put through the wringer long before landing in your living room.

There’s always time for another story!