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14 Genius Travel Tips Parents Swear By

Secret snacks, gel window clings, and more proven ways parents make traveling with kids easier

What's your best travel tip when traveling with kids? We asked! Here's how you help the whole family enjoy the trip.

1. "Give the kids maps of your route so they can follow along and color in their maps as you go. Best of all, it cuts down on kids asking, 'Are we there yet?'"-Cheri

2. "I bring a purse filled with goodies. My daughter loves unzipping it herself and finding out what's in it. Right now, it has paper and crayons, a small book, and dolls."-Ashley

3. "We have a tackle box with various-sized compartments that we load up with snacks like grapes and pretzels."-Natasha

4. "I bring lollipops on the plane to make takeoff and landing easier-it helps my kids unclog their ears."-Katie

5. "We use gel window clings for the airplane window. My kids love it."-Heather

6. "Buy inexpensive surprise toys so it's not a big deal if you lose them. I also wrap everything in wrapping paper-all of the new stuff, as well as her regular books and toys. It's time-consuming, but I promise it is SO worth it."-Julie

7. "I recommend puzzles with magnets on the back-and a cookie sheet to do them on. This kept my 4-year-old entertained on a 6-hour ride!"-Amanda

8. "Put photos of each member of the family in a clear presentation folder (you could also laminate them). Kids have great fun drawing on the faces with dry erase markers."-Randi

9. "Don't forget a change of clothes and a bag for the dirty ones. As hard as we try, we can't always prevent accidents, and sometimes kids get sick."-Melissa

10. "Bring tiny presents as motivation for good behavior!" -Brittany

11. "Start early. If they are used to traveling at a young age, it's a normal thing, just like going out to eat."-Tara

12. "You can do everything-snacks, treats, toys, movies-but eventually it's going to come down to patience and understanding. Kids aren't made to sit still for long periods of time."-Amber

13. "Expect the unexpected, and pack for the impossible!"-Jennifer

14. "Take your time and try to relax. If you are relaxed, your kids will be more relaxed. And don't stress about keeping the people around you happy."-Mandy