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Taking lots of photos to celebrate baby’s first birthday is easy to do, and Shutterfly offers ways to help you capture the fun.

6 Photo Tips for Capturing “The Big 1”

  • 1

    Unless you really need it, turn the flash off. This will help avoid red eye and unnatural looking skin tone.

  • 2

    It’s hard to get babies to pose for pics, so turn on ‘continuous shoot’. You’re sure to get a few good, in-the-moment shots.

  • 3

    Who does baby look like so far? Have Mom and Dad take selfies with baby so you can really see your common features.

  • 4

    Can’t get baby’s attention? Use sticky tack to attach a small, colorful toy to your camera to capture their attention.

  • 5

    Avoid shooting into brightly lit areas; your photos will be dark or shadowy. Even with a phone camera, get the light behind you.

  • 6

    Great shot idea — surround baby with all his/her birthday gifts and take a photo from above with baby looking up at the camera.