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Hats Off

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Developmental Benefits

  • Security & Happiness
  • Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Curiosity & Discovery

Your baby is just getting used to recognizing faces, when you introduce the Hats Off game! Your baby won’t be fooled for long, but he’ll enjoy the fun of taking off the hat and putting it back on again.


  • Collect a variety of hats around the house, or buy inexpensive hats from a thrift shop or party store. Try to include a baseball cap, a knit cap, a funny hat, a firefighter’s hat, a clown hat, a bowler, a beret, a pair of earmuffs, or a fancy, feathery hat. (Don’t include masks in your play. They tend to scare babies at this young age.)
  • Place your baby in his infant seat on the floor and sit facing him.
  • Put the first hat on your head and make a funny face as you say something interesting, such as, “Look at me!” or, “I’m a firefighter!”
  • Lean toward your baby so he can grasp the hat and pull it off, or pull the hat off yourself.
  • Repeat several times with one hat before moving on to another hat.


  • Variety of hats
  • Infant seat
  • Your face and head


Sometimes babies get scared when people’s appearances change. If your baby starts to get upset, put the hat on only briefly, then remove it and show him you’re still Mom/Dad. If he continues to be upset, play the game at a later date.