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Puzzle Picture

Your child will have as much fun creating his own puzzle as he has putting one together. Make sure you choose a picture that’s interesting to him.
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  • Interesting photo of a family member, favorite animal, cartoon character, and so on
  • Poster board
  • Spray adhesive
  • Black felt-tip pen
  • Child’s blunt-tip safety scissors
  • Small box
  • Table


  • Find an interesting picture.
  • Spray adhesive over the surface of the poster board.
  • Press the picture onto the sprayed surface and allow it to dry.
  • Use a black felt-tip pen to draw large, simple puzzle lines on the picture.
  • Cut out the picture along these lines to form puzzle pieces.
  • Place the pieces in a small box.
  • Sit at the table with your child and present him with the box.
  • Have him open the box, dump out the pieces, and put the puzzle together.
  • If he needs help, give him clues so he can put the puzzle together himself.
  • When the picture is complete, ask him to talk about what he sees.

Learning Skills

Cognitive/thinking skills
Fine motor development
Mental imagery
Problem solving


Let him help you make the puzzle from the beginning, then have him put it together.
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