Laugh & Learn®Smart Stages™

One Smart Idea!

We know that little ones grow & change quickly, and so does the way they learn & play! That’s why we created Smart Stages™, so the learning fun can keep going as your child keeps growing! Each Level is full of different sounds, songs, tunes & phrases that fit your child’s age & stage best.

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With Smart Stages technology, learning content grows and expands through different stages, from six months right through toddlerhood!


The Fun Starts at 6 Months

Level 1
Level 1 Explore

Baby’s starting to figure out they can make things happen! At this Level, tons of hands-on activities spark baby’s curiosity and reward their exploration with fun phrases & playful songs.

Level 1
Level 1 Encourage

Starting to talk? LOVES to imitate? And follows directions (when they’re simple & there’s lots of encouragement)? If so, this level is the perfect next step. Simple directions & questions encourage your little one to find familiar objects and more from Level 1 & reward them with fun phrases for a job well done!

Level 1
Level 1 Pretend

Your toddler is growing more and more independent, and is most likely starting to want to do things just like you! That’s why this Level offers fun imaginative songs, sounds & phrases that encourage early role play, helping your little one imagine themselves doing big things!

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Keep the Learning Fun Growing at 18 Months!

Level 1
Level 1 Learn

Your toddler is all about role-play fun, expressing their emotions, and learning how to do big things! Everyday concepts are introduced to them in this Level that features word descriptors and an expanded vocabulary.

Level 1
Level 1 Engage

Take the learning fun to the next level! This Level advances with your growing toddler— encouraging them to problem solve and build on concepts that help them prepare for pre-K. Rewarding phrases & songs engage them and add to the fun!

Level 1
Level 1 Imagine

Welcome to the world of imagination! As your little one explores the power (and fun!) of imaginative play, learning takes on a whole new meaning. In this Level, longer songs, appropriate sounds & related phrases encourage creative play and interaction!

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How will I know

when my child is ready for the next level?

  • Watch for interest as your child plays. Do they explore and interact with different play features?
  • Show your child how to listen to different songs and phrases from each interactive switch.
  • Give them lots of opportunities to engage in play with each level.

When your child can show you something in the world around them as well as on a toy, you’ll know they’ve learned a concept. For example, when he can point out something yellow (the banana’s yellow, the flower is yellow), he’s learned that color. Or maybe she likes to sing along to a song about counting with you … and even starts to count while walking up stairs, or numbers each blueberry when eating a snack. The learning is taking hold – and it’s exciting to see what will come next. So keep going!

“Smart Stages™ Levels were developed to match the activities and stage that best suit your child at different ages. But you might find that your child has a favorite song they like to hear over and over. Keep that in mind when you switch to another level. You can always go back to favorite songs or activities!”

“It’s important to remember that babies and toddlers learn at their own individual pace. Smart Stages levels are intended to be used as guidelines only ... and we encourage you to try them all!”

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